Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Brother Malcolm, We Need You



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luvlife0702 said...

the court jester. the clown. the entertainer. i am hoping malcolm wouldn't prevent them from being. you have lots of choices for counter images and that's the beautfy of a free society.

i suppose if we didn't 'exoticize' the Masaai warrior we could ask why he's dressed cross-gender? context is everything. i may not know who half these fools are (no cable and my kid's taste runs to Coltrane, Youssouu N'Dour, Fogelberg, Fergie, Louis Armstrong, Kelly Clarkson and Corinne Bailey Rae etc) but aint nothing wrong with them if you ask me.

so here's my question which was not evident by your pictorial editorial: what would malcolm do? and what would be his motivation.

better to emphasize the images you want and ignore the ones you dont and then you wont have childhood rebellion to what you dont want. teach them how to choose and as long as they gave it thought and as long as their argument makes sense on its own merit then that's maturation. these images have the power we give them.

now i konw what plies looks like but apart from clock guy from the long island posse from our youth and the very manly well posed (a man and his weapon is an image as old as cave drawings) 50 ccent.

dont worry, if your rasta brings one of them home i'm sure he'll be dressed appropriately using the name on his birth certificate and treating her like a princcess at Justine's JOKES!!!:-)