Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jesus, God and Rice Krispies

A real conversation between a man, me, and a three year old girl, my daughter….


Daddy, did Jesus die?


Where did he go?

He went to heaven.

Mommy said he went to heaven to be with God.

Yeah, he went to heaven to be with God and to help him.

What does he do? I thought God doesn’t need any help.

Um, I don't know, but they both want you to eat up these Rice Krispies before they get soggy.



The Nightshift Chronicler said...

snap. crackle pop.

kamau said...

no doubt. silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.

luvlife0702 said...

my poor kid: mama and her daddy dont believe in god but she does. go figger. so she's gotta figger it out on her own. one less thing for me to teach her. JOKES!